Helping Enterprises Attract Top Talent Amid The Pandemic With Deborah Cento Skender, Managing Principal at DCS Consulting and Staffing

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Deborah Cento Skender has spent her career working in the staffing and recruiting industry from running a full life cycle recruiting desk to running her own search firm, DCS Consulting and Staffing. DCS Consulting and Staffing is a national executive search firm specializing in placing highly successful professionals within the staffing industry, as well as Consultative sales organizations requiring the expertise of sales, customer service, and human resource top talent that will support, empower, and develop profitable organizations. Headquartered in Denver, CO, our executive search firm provides staffing and consulting services for clients throughout the USA.

Deborah has an uncanny ability to source and deliver excellent candidates. She has vast experience in many industries including  sales, IT, engineering, staffing, accounting and finance, administrative, clerical, customer service, human resources, hospitality, and light industrial as well as emerging markets. She also offers an excellent sales track record in building trust and rapport quickly as well as meeting and exceeding revenue goals.

Deborah has a deep network in the industry. She has served as the past President of the Colorado Staffing Association in 2004 and 2005 as well as a Board Member from 2002 to 2018. She also served as a Board Member of the American Staffing Association in 2007. Deborah was certified Professional Human Resource (PHR) in 2011.


  • Deborah’s journey into the staffing industry and running her own consulting and staffing firm.

  • What staffing firms can do to address the talent gap and mitigate risks associated with it.

  • Deborah’s recommendations to anyone looking to start a staffing business today.

  • Deborah’s approach to helping clients grow and attract top talent amid the pandemic.

  • Deborah’s advice to other women looking to build a career in the staffing industry.

  • How taking responsibility for the candidate experience from start to finish can help you stand out.