Simplify contract hiring with a modernized EOR that advocates for your people

myBasePay’s on-demand EOR and payroll platform lets you effortlessly deploy contract workers domestically and globally.

What is EOR for Staffing?

When partnering with a staffing firm, an Employer of Record (EOR) becomes the designated employer of the contingent workforce that is placed out on assignment. The EOR partner takes on all the responsibilities and liabilities associated with employment, from performing background checks and withholding taxes to providing insurance. By providing competitive and flexible benefits options, an EOR also enhances staffing firms’ ability to compete for and retain top talent.

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33 million contingent workers in the U.S.

Managing your contingent workforce is easier with myBasePay on your side.

U.S. workers are increasingly remote

With 35% now working remotely, you can cast a wider net for talent.

Supporting 150+ staffing agencies

Join the growing ranks of members partnering with myBasePay today.


Achieve fast and compliant onboarding for contingent workers

Get contractors working for your clients without costly disruptions and delays, thanks to our streamlined and transparent onboarding model.

  • Outsourced liability for compliance and consistency
  • Rapid response for fast-paced operations
  • Adherence to your customers’ unique requirements


Contend in today’s competitive talent landscape

myBasePay provides the benefits needed to retain and compete for top talent with white glove support for your candidates.

  • PTO eligibility for employees in all 50 states
  • Monthly copays on health insurance premiums
  • Flexible insurance options for specialized to temp labor


Hire faster with enhanced onboarding

Experience the perfect blend of speed and ease in onboarding. myBasePay’s tech uses automated processes and real-time notifications to add efficiency and visibility.

  • Less administrative burden for your in-house team
  • Talent up and running within five days on average
  • Streamlined digital onboarding user experience


Ensure proper payroll practices in a highly regulated market

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of today’s statutory landscape with myBasePay’s team of experts as your guide.

  • Oversight of local, state, and federal tax liability 
  • Up-to-date expertise on regulations and requirements
  • Foundational infrastructure to support scalability

Mention EOR for staffing, but highlight proof of great experience

We see the people behind the policies.

As advocates for the contingent workforce, myBasePay combines the urgency talent professionals demand with the benefits package external workers deserve.

Partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) offers compelling advantages such as streamlined legal compliance, reduced liability, optimized HR administration, access to a global talent pool, and enhanced flexibility in managing a contingent workforce. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with an EOR.

An EOR supports business growth by leveraging local expertise, ensuring rigorous legal compliance, optimizing payroll and benefits administration, and adeptly mitigating operational risks. Here are five ways an EOR will help your business scale.

Choosing the ideal EOR partner for your business entails evaluating their global coverage and expertise, assessing their technology and compliance capabilities, scrutinizing their commitment to customer support and service quality, and ensuring perfect alignment with your unique business needs and goals. Here’s how to choose the right EOR partner for your program.

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