Ensure a strong cash flow for unlimited candidate scalability with expert support

myBasePay’s advanced funding model gives you the financial infrastructure to manage payroll and profit commissions, boosting your ability to meet client demands— and your competitive advantage.

How does payroll

funding work?

Staffing firms must often wait 30-90 days to collect payment on invoices but need to make payroll sooner. Traditional payroll funding offers a way to bridge the gap, helping to limit liability. myBasePay’s advanced payroll funding model provides a comprehensive infrastructure that includes credit research, financial dashboard analytics, ownership of collections, branded invoices, and upfront profit commission. Here’s how it works.

Customer submission

The process starts with a credit check and thorough risk analysis.

Project analysis

Underwriters review conditions and propose payment terms.

Customer approval

We generate funds with upfront profit, along with risk assessment guidance.

Collection oversight

We submit invoices and manage collections, alerting you of any issues.


Service clients with immediate staffing needs

The financial infrastructure you need to meet increasing client demands and pay workers, faster.

  • No personal guarantees, plus limited liability
  • Dashboard analytics to track activity in real time
  • A one-stop solution that benefits all parties


Reinvest capital to support business growth

Fuel your sales growth by freeing up liquidity for strategic client acquisition and recruitment activity.

  • Automated support for fast approval cycles
  • No reserves or additional fees
  • End-to-end process, from credit check to collections


Remove business inhibitors to scale quicker

Our upfront profit model provides the agility you need to compete in today’s market.

  • 90 days interest-free funding
  • Payment for 100% of the invoiced amount
  • No need to wait an average of 47 days for payment

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myBasePay steps up and stands out with an advanced funding solution for staffing

Dreaming of business growth without traditional business inhibitors? We respond to your payroll funding needs with urgency and expertise. Take a look at your options, and then make your move to myBasePay.

Some reliable cash flow options for staffing firms include invoice factoring, payroll funding, equipment financing, business lines of credit, and government contract finding.

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Payroll funding differs from traditional methods in that it provides immediate cash flow by advancing funds based on outstanding invoices, enhancing flexibility and reducing administrative burdens.

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Our team has extensive staffing industry expertise and a deep understanding of the nuances of your business. We remove the complexities of payroll funding, freeing you up to focus on sourcing and recruiting talent. Get to know us better.

Alleviate your payroll worries.

Fuel your staffing agency’s growth—without long waits or red tape.