Your data is secure and protected.

Handling and processing high volumes of data is in our job description. That includes personal information and financial transactions, which we manage with diligence and urgency.

Our information security architects and engineers have implemented the strictest protocols, backed by a robust infrastructure and AI-powered monitoring, to ensure we are ahead of the curve for data protection.

Physical security

Hosted on the trusted AWS platform for the most guaranteed uptime and physical data security.


OAuth2 for cloud and SaaS integration and authorization without private credential storage.

Data Ownership

100% of your data belongs to you 100% of the time, with no access or deletions plus export option.


Uses SSL at rest with 256-bit AES encryption, the same standards as top financial institutions.


Established policies, procedures, and role-based permissions for proper staff training and adherence.

Data & Disaster Recovery

Weekly full data backup schedule and multi-region databases for a maximum 24-hour RTO.

Data Utilization

No data mining, access, distribution, or sales for advertising or any other purposes.

Security & Privacy

Total privacy setting functionality, with in-house ability to assign permissions and controls.

Data Privacy

Full written authorization is required for any data access; no exceptions.

How myBasePay builds the most secure CWM platform:

  • Documented security playbooks for all infrastructure and application stacks
  • Top-notch Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with built-in security for all AWS services
  • Consistent, always-on Security as Code for our infrastructure
  • Defaults based on recommendations and best practices for AWS security
  • AWS: Strict IAM configuration, auditing, and logging for configuration changes, 2FA – strong authentication for IAM users
  • Container security with image scanning and sane defaults options for container orchestration layers
  • Centralized security frameworks for a certified and consistent layer of security across the application stack
  • Web Application Firewalls to prevent attacks
  • Security-tuned load balancer to protect against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
  • Strict layer 3 firewall rules in AWS and VPC configurations
  • Annual Pentest and Cloud Security validation simulation exercises

Always well-trained on security and up to date.

myBasePay ensures our entire organization is trained and stays up to date on security protocols. Here’s how.

  • Continuous developer security training
  • Peer code review (with focus on security) for all merges to the master branch
  • Security automations and AI-powered monitoring tools that scan code and applications for security vulnerabilities and anomalies
  • PII encryption of data in the database layer