Keep up with an evolving compliance landscape.

Now more than ever, compliance is the biggest risk to doing business. Let myBasePay manage the challenges of hiring contractors so you can focus on sourcing talent and growing revenue.

What is Workforce Compliance?

Staffing firms face a challenging compliance environment, what with legal and regulatory scrutiny,  strict client vendor rules, and expanding definitions of contingent work. An EOR partner makes it safer to hire worker types, including W2 employees, 1099 ICs, and subcontractors, by assuming responsibility for worker classification and  compliance.

Want to take advantage of a more agile workforce? Learn how compliance is the key.

58% of firms face back office staff shortages

Tap into automation to give your in-house support team a break.

10-15% of employers misclassify workers

myBasePay’s proven processes reduce your risk of getting it wrong.

Penalties from $237 to $2,360

The costs of I-9 paperwork violations can add up quickly.


Reduce uncertainty with our proprietary process

Our documented classification process takes the guesswork out of worker classification, giving you clarity and confidence in compliance while streamlining operations.

  • Audit-ready compliance and regulatory responsibility  
  • Help ICs get the right business insurance before starting
  • Weekly payment distributions for all ICs


Maximize placements, minimize risk

myBasePay’s compliance experts empower less risky recruitment, with a streamlined system and proven processes that free you up to focus on growth.

  • Assurance that all worker liabilities are met
  • Accountability for even the strictest client requirements
  • Reduced legal and admin burden on your team


Recruit better talent

Attract and retain exceptional talent with myBasePay’s health insurance subsidies and PTO packages.

  • Standardized PTO for all full time employees
  • Insurance fulfillment for ACA compliance and risk policy management
  • Insurance options tailored to specific client structures
  • Cost-effective coverage that protects your bottom line

Mention compliance for staffing, but highlight proof of great experience

Struggling with contractor compliance? We’re here to help.

When it comes to contractor compliance, there’s no margin for error. myBasePay absorbs the risks involved with hiring independent contractors so you can focus on what matters most: growth.

The most pressing legal issues facing staffing firms include worker classification, compliance with employment laws, data protection and privacy, contract management, and evolving immigration policies.

Learn more about the six most pressing legal issues for staffing firms.

Staffing firms can navigate the intricate compliance landscape by conducting regular compliance audits, implementing robust training programs, leveraging technology solutions for monitoring and reporting, and maintaining close partnerships with legal experts and industry associations.

Review the four things you can do to keep up with compliance requirements.

myBasePay empowers staffing firms and their clients with unwavering protection, delivering a comprehensive suite of services that include reliable compliance management, streamlined payroll processing, effective risk mitigation, and customized support tailored to their unique needs. Get to know us better.

Compliance made simple.

Place, support, and retain contingent employees with confidence. We’ve got your back.