Stay ready for a contingent future with myBasePay

Take your program to new heights. Experience the Employer of Record model and trusted support system staffing firms and enterprises rely on to attract, onboard, manage, and pay their global contingent workforces — all with full compliance.

The EOR platform that does it all

Transform your contingent workforce program into a catalyst for growth and efficiency.

Empower your contingent workforce each step of the way using our complete suite of solutions. 

Experience the value of end-to-end support

  • Onboard, manage, and pay your contingent workforce with ease and flexibility.

Serve up a great experience 

Combine the urgency your business demands with the benefits your external workers deserve. 

  • Our comprehensive benefits packages are tailored to the unique needs of your workers.

Get talent up and running within 5 days

Start projects faster, with streamlined set-up and tech-enabled onboarding.

  • Get full visibility into onboarding status with our automated, paperwork-minimizing platform.

Mitigate compliance risk

Compliantly manage and pay domestic and global contractors with our proven expertise.

  • Our robust platform and tools protect you from workforce risks, including worker misclassification, tax liability, insurance, and co-employment.

myBasePay for Staffing

Make your staffing agency even more productive and profitable.

myBasePay for Enterprise

Enhance your enterprise employment brand while outsourcing risk. 

The trusted partner for global organizations enhancing their contingent workforce programs

You handle sensitive, important data. We do everything to protect it (and you).

Security always takes top priority at myBasePay. Rigorous protocols and practices ensure your data, your talent, and your company are fully guarded.

Physical security
Hosted on the trusted AWS platform for the most guaranteed uptime and physical data security.

OAuth2 for cloud and SaaS integration and authorization without private credential storage.

Data Ownership
100% of your data belongs to you 100% of the time, with no access or deletions plus export option. 

Uses SSL at rest with 256-bit AES encryption, the same standards as top financial institutions.

Established policies, procedures, and role-based permissions for proper staff training and adherence.

Data & Disaster Recovery
Weekly full data backup schedule and multi-region databases for a maximum 24-hour RTO.

Data Utilization
No data mining, access, distribution, or sales for advertising or any other purposes.

Security & Privacy
Total privacy setting functionality, with in-house ability to assign permissions and controls. 

Data Privacy
Full written authorization required for any data access; no exceptions. 

  • Physical security
  • Governance
  • Data Utilization
  • Integrations
  • Encryption
  • Security & Privacy
  • Data Ownership
  • Data & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Privacy

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