How Can Organizations And Independent Contractors Maximize The Contingent Workforce Trend?

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  • Jon Younger, Forbes Writer & Founder of Agile Talent Collaborative.
  • Fitzgerald Ventura, Founder And CEO Of 1099Policy.
  • Terri Gallagher, Founder And CEO Of Gallagher And Consultants.
  • Rachel Stonestreet, Director Of Compliance & Operations at myBasePay.


  • 45% of freelancers think their clients really know how to work with them.  What’s the secret sauce of companies that are successful in building relationships with freelancers?  Why does that matter?
  • Independent contractors don’t want to be risk-managed; they want to be enabled
  • The importance of educating organizations and independent contractors on risk and compliance topics.
  • From loyalty and inputs to flexibility and results: the mindset shift needed for a successful contingent workforce strategy.
  • Partnerships as a way to drive strategic value for freelancers.
  • Recommendations for someone getting started as an independent contractor.