How Crowdsourcing of Ideas Can Lead to Innovation, Finding Great Talent, and More Revenue with Simon Hill, CEO and Co-founder of Wazoku

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Simon Hill is the CEO and Co-founder of Wazoku.

Wazoku is an idea management software that enables businesses to gather, manage, develop, analyze and implement ideas that creates solutions to their problems as well as identify new opportunities. This approach can achieve both innovation and strategic objectives.

Simon is an active author, blogger, and speaker on topics relating to collaborative innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation, intrapreneurship, and more. His expertise has been recognized extensively, being awarded the prestigious title of Guardian SME Leader of the Year 2014 and noted as a Top 15 influencer in crowdsourcing both in 2013 and 2014. He is also an Angel Investor and advisor to several B2B and B2C early-stage tech businesses.


  • How Simon came up with the name for Wazoku
  • How to drive change inside your organization at scale
  • The force multiplier that allows organizations to punch above their weight
  • Where do ideas come from? It might not be what you think.
  • The agile approach to problem-solving
  • Crowdsourcing and innovation as a tool for recruitment
  • Open innovation challenges as an alternative channel to recruit top talent