What Will Drive IT & Engineering Staffing Firms Success in the Future with Mark Roberts, CEO at Techserve Alliance

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Mark Roberts is CEO of TechServe Alliance, the national trade association serving IT and engineering staffing and solutions firms. Roberts is a noted authority and spokesperson on industry trends. Under his leadership since 2003, the organization has expanded significantly moving beyond traditional association offerings creating multiple innovative programs designed to drive member firm growth and profitability. From its unique member-owned insurance program, account executive and recruiter certification, Excellence Awards, to contract and compliance assistance hotline and sales and recruiter management programs, Roberts has led the organization through its transformation.

Before joining TechServe Alliance, Mr. Roberts was a partner in the Labor and Employment Group of a major law firm and served four years on Capitol Hill. He earned his undergraduate degree from Haverford College and his law degree with distinction from Emory University. Mr. Roberts currently serves as a member of the Labor Relations Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He has been repeatedly named to the Staffing Industry 100 List and is a member of the Hall of Fame.


  • Mark’s journey into the IT staffing industry and Techserve’s leadership.

  • What staffing firms can do to address the talent gap and mitigate risks associated with it.

  • The importance of partnerships to grow and scale your staffing firm.

  • The impact of remote work on talent diversity.

  • Considerations when looking to implement an offshoring and nearshoring strategy.