Freelancer First: How Innovative Platforms Are Prioritizing Freelancer Success

There is an important new development emerging in the freelance revolution. Naming the trend is still a challenge, but let’s describe it as a greater emphasis on the primacy of freelancer success. A working title might be “freelancer first.”

Whatever the name, what we are seeing is a shift of importance to the longer-term success of the freelance movement. It is more focus on the experience and success of individual freelancers. It seeks to empower full-time freelancers, and increase the confidence and competence of part-timers, the 35-40% of employees who have “side-hustles” in addition to full-time employment and are eager but hesitant to go full time.

The heart of this movement, whatever name we give it, is enabling greater financial, professional, and personal success for the millions of independent professionals who make the freelance revolution possible.

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