How myBasePay Will Make a Splash at TechServe Alliance’s Executive Summit 2021

The TechServe Alliance Executive Summit is coming up on November 17 through 19 at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, Florida — and myBasePay is poised to make a bigger splash at this year’s event than ever before. 

myBasePay has already impacted the industry with its participation in the 2021 Collaboration In the Gig Economy Conference — and the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit offers another opportunity to share knowledge and gain access to insights from other industry leaders.

While myBasePay team members are attending for the first time since launching, our participation is going to the next level as both a sponsor and a roundtable discussion host.

What Is the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit?

The TechServe Alliance Executive Summit is an annual industry event that focuses on IT and engineering staffing. Thought leaders from across the country discuss strategies and innovations that are making a difference in the current work environment.

This year’s event focuses on four central topics, each of which receives in-depth coverage with keynotes, breakouts, workshops, and roundtables. These topics include the challenges of modern recruiting, building one’s internal team, implementing strategic leadership through culture and data, accelerating growth and profitability, and exploring future industry innovations.

In addition to the insights shared by industry leaders, the Summit also offers extensive networking opportunities — both in session roundtables and at informal receptions hosted as part of the Summit. This includes an Executive Women’s Event for women leaders in the industry.

The TechServe Alliance Executive Summit also hosts special forum events for prominent firm members and emerging leaders within the industry and a VIP networking reception that includes an auction for charity.

For staffing firm owners, executives, and managers, the insights and networking opportunities offered at this event are hard to pass up. Golfing, kayaking, hiking, fine dining — and of course, the beaches — are just a few of the available activities attendees can enjoy outside of the Summit itself. The fact that the event is held on Florida’s beautiful Amelia Island is just another perk.

A Growing Relationship

With the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit providing so much value year after year, it should come as no surprise that myBasePay and its team members have made attendance at this event a priority.

As myBasePay CEO Cesar A. Jimenez recently shared on LinkedIn, “I’ve been going to TechServe Alliance Summit for years, and I always bring back a couple of practical strategies that have helped me grow personally and professionally. The sessions are informative, the people are great, and there is never a dull moment. It’s an opportunity to network with peers in the industry and share best practices, challenges and learn from some of the best minds in our field. If you want to have fun while learning new strategies that will help your firm grow, then you need to attend TechServe this year!”

Having gained so much value from the TechServe Alliance Summit over the years, the myBasePay team was highly grateful for the opportunity to host TechServe CEO Mark Roberts on an episode of the Ivy Podcast. 

Mark and his team have been incredibly gracious in sharing their unique insights — it’s no wonder the event has maintained consistent success over the years and that he is a member of the Staffing Industry 100 Hall of Fame.

This Year’s Participation From myBasePay

Having gained so much from our experiences at the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit, myBasePay is pleased to be even more actively involved in this year’s event. 

First, myBasePay is supporting the 2021 Summit as a Bronze-level sponsor, something we’re thrilled to do. But that’s just a part of it.

On Wednesday afternoon, myBasePay is hosting a live podcast panel addressing the top critical challenges and opportunities facing IT Staffing firms today. Bringing industry leaders together for an intimate impactful conversation, you’ll learn practical strategies you can implement to tackle the IT talent shortage, how digital recruiting and direct sourcing are shaping the industry, and best practices to leverage recruiting technologies. This is a chance to learn from other top executives like yourself who are facing similar issues in their business and how they overcame them. 

On Friday afternoon, myBasePay also has the opportunity to host a roundtable discussion titled “Growing Your Staffing Firm in The Age of Disruption.” Hosted by our Head of Community, Cesar Romero, this roundtable discussion will offer a look at how staffing firms can keep up in the disruptive age of digital transformation. 

Staffing firms need to find ways to maximize the potential of direct sourcing trends and better manage candidate inventory in an increasingly online world. As part of this discussion, we will also focus on other vital trends playing a role in this area, such as the increased prevalence of remote work and today’s greater emphasis on DE&I — and how firms can identify top candidates while accounting for these factors.

Of course, digital recruitment has also introduced a fair share of challenges, especially for firms still tied to “traditional” recruitment methods. An ongoing talent shortage in the IT sector can further complicate matters for firms attempting to fill positions for their clients. Overcoming these widespread issues will also be part of the discussion.

There’s much important stuff that we plan to cover — and this is just one example of the type of insights executives. Other leaders can expect as they participate in the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit.

The myBasePay live panel podcast will be held from 5:00 to 6:00 PM and the roundtable discussion will be held from 3:00 to 3:50 PM at Plaza II. We hope to see you there! We’re confident that it will be an informative experience with several valuable takeaways for everyone who attends.

See You There!

The TechServe Alliance Executive Summit is poised to offer essential insights for those involved in IT and engineering staffing. The world of work is changing rapidly, and being at the forefront of the changes in the industry will help you maintain continued relevance as you innovate and grow.

Registration is still open for this incredibly valuable event — and who can pass up a trip to Florida in November? Beautiful weather, many networking opportunities, and critical insights from industry leaders make this an event that cannot be missed. 

We can’t wait for this opportunity to connect with others in the industry and gain knowledge that will improve our work. And, of course, we’re especially thrilled to be hosting a roundtable discussion that provides valuable knowledge and showcases what myBasePay has to offer for the industry — see you soon!


Author: Cesar Romero
Cesar is the Head of Marketing at myBasePay, where he’s responsible for overseeing the company’s content marketing, community, and partnerships strategy. He also co-hosts The Ivy Podcast where he interviews executives from Fortune 500 companies on executive leadership. When he’s not helping startups with marketing and community strategy, you can find him paying it forward by serving as a mentor for leading organizations like StartingBloc, Hive, and Global Citizen Year.

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